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Common Sensing

Common Sensing is building the next generation of smart health technology and design through user-oriented, ultra-portable devices and experiences. Through better feedback of actionable data, chronic disease management can be more effective and more efficient for all stakeholders. Common Sensing Gocap is the first sensor-enabled technology to make the majority of insulin injection pens connected for millions of people with diabetes. Gocap is the smart cap for insulin pens that logs and shares insulin use data with caretakers and acts as a personal insulin assistant. With 2/3rds of insulin prescribed never being picked up from the pharmacy, Gocap closes huge gaps in both insulin sales and outcomes for people with diabetes.

TowerView Health

TowerView Health helps chronically ill patients manage complex medication regimens. Patients using the service receive pre-filled medication trays from a pharmacy that separate their medication by dose and time. These weekly trays insert directly into a connected pillbox that senses when patients miss their medication dose and sends an automated phone or text message reminder to patients and/or their caregivers. The pillbox is also equipped with visual and audio reminders. Software dashboard enables nurses/health coaches at insurance companies or at-risk providers to target and engage patients who are continually non-adherent.


“Managing medications is a struggle. 50% of patients don't take their medication as prescribed. We're here to change that.”


Bolt is a venture capital fund, incubator and accelerator designed to address the unique needs of early- stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software.

The investment fund makes small investments in hardware startups — like a digital tip jar or a wristband that tries to shock you out of bad habits — and then gives them access to a complete machine shop, along with design and engineering experts. To date, Bolt has invested in 18 connected device startups including Pavlok, DipJar, Kuvée, Petnet, and Understory. With the new fund, Bolt will invest up to $500,000 per startup.


Point-of-Care, Anywhere: a Revolutionary Mobile, Easy-to-Use Multi-Modal Imaging System, Increasing Specificity and Sensitivity for Epithelial Cancer Detection.


“Some phones are for texting. Ours save lives.” Mobile ODT serves those who do not have access to advanced medical facilities, but do have a mobile phone. Mobile ODT can transform any digital camera into a powerful epithelial cancer discerning device. Company focuses on Cervical and Oral cancer detection.


On-Demand and always On-Line. Wherever you are: in a crowded city or in a remote desert.


iDoc24 revolutionizes the way we deal with skin problems: online dermatologist is just a few clicks away! Idoc24 allows anyone submit images of their skin problem directly to a dermatologist and receive a response within 24 hours. Program is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

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Next Generation Point of Care Diagnostics: a quick, accurate, and portable solution for hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices.


Proxim Diagnostics is a medical technology company focused on enabling the next generation of clinical diagnostics. Point of care test system will vastly improve healthcare by providing immediate information to doctors and patients. The company targets, among others, the most popular tests in critical care (Troponin I/T - myocardial infarction markers) and physician office (TSH - thyroid function test).

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