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Hamstrung by their size and formal structures, many big companies struggle in their efforts to innovate and identify disruptive technologies in new markets. We care about details, but also pay attention to the whole picture: potential market trends and movements. This is where OKM’s competitive advantage comes in where we are able to spot opportunity, move fast, and bring in the best relationships and partners to the table.


At OKM Capital, we follow healthcare market trends carefully and take advantage of counter cyclical investment opportunities. While majority of VC firms focus on software and Internet technologies, we believe that the next revolution comes from merging these technologies together with innovative medical devices to address mounting healthcare problems.





We focus on innovative talents


OKM Capital is a venture capital partnership focused on early-stage integrated digital healthcare solutions.


We invest in entrepreneurs developing disruptive technologies that solve large unmet medical needs. We are patient for growth and provide initial capital in seed and early-stage rounds.


We approach each investment with a long-term perspective and continue to support and invest in the company throughout its phases of growth.





Improving peoples’ lives




Aging population, increased obesity, rising healthcare costs and increasingly fast developments in the IT sector create huge market needs for new cost-saving innovations in the healthcare space.

For example, early diagnostic, point-of-care devices and software for telemedicine.


We believe that well-designed sensors, passive and active data collection devices can improve the efficacy of a physician’s increasingly busy practice by substituting technology for routine procedures such as regular checkups, testing, diagnosis, minimal invasive surgery and prescriptions.


We believe that the future of medicine is preventive, predictive and personalized solutions through digital technologies that can address urgent healthcare challenges and increase the quality of life.




Team. Market. Efficiency.




We look at three main criteria in our investments: team chemistry coupled with a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset; market size opportunity; and efficient capital allocation.


Our core value is to Team up with entrepreneurs.


The Market is big for technologies that offer cheaper, better and innovative solutions. 


We believe that Efficient Capital allocation is a key to success: we diversify across the wide range of opportunities in the healthcare space by providing financing to various stage companies.


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